Counselling centre for people facing violence in context of dependencies brings you specialized social and legal counselling and therapeutic groups focused on the area of violence and dependencies as mutually interacting indicators. Thanks to the project all these services are free of charge for clients.


The project with title „Counselling centre for people facing violence specially focused on the violence in context of dependencies“ was set up within operational programme SK09 – Domestic and gender-based violence: „A home must be a safe place for everybody“ co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget of Slovak Republic and also supported by City of Nitra (municipality). The grant recipient is non-profit organization BUDÚCNOSŤ. The amount of the grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism  and the state budget of Slovak Republic is 54 360 € and the amount of contribution from the City of Nitra is 6 040 €. The period of the project is 20/07/2015 – 30/04/2017.



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The project is implemented in cooperation with NGO STORM and the CITY OF NITRA (project partners). STORM address is Nedbalová 17, Nitra, Slovakia and the seat of municipality is Štefánikova 60, Nitra, Slovakia. You can look at the work of our project partner here: and here:

REGULAR INTERVENTION (realised within the project)

Monday 9:00 am – 01:00 pm –    specialized social counselling

Tuesday 10:00 am – 12:00 am – legal aid (counselling)

Each third Thursday in every month from 4:00pm till 6:00pm –therapeutic group for people facing violence special focused on violence in context of dependencies

Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm – specialized social counselling


CONFERENCE: „Non-violently about the violence – let´s talk about the law“

Within the project, we have carried out the conference with the title „Non-violently about the violence – let´s talk about the law“ in Nitra on 23rd of March 2016. Organisation STORM has produced a report from the conference. The ambition of report is to capture the most important outputs from the conference.


Within the project, we have organized the specialized „cafe discussion“ on topics in relation to dependencies and the violence in the area of our organization on Wednesday 9th of November 2016 at 4:00 pm. The discussion was realized for the public and the goal was „to create more sensibility” of our society on topics of dependencies and the violence as well as to catch persons facing dependencies and the violence into our „net“ and to offer them participation on our interventions.


We have met with employees of Dormitory of St. Raphael and Homeless Shelter in Nitra on 22nd of November 2016. The main goal of this appointment was to create cooperation through introducing of our activities and interventions within the project  „Counselling Centre For People Facing Violence In Context of Dependencies“. After the sharing information about good practice as well as gathering and changing contacts we have also set up a procedural common proceed or steps for distribution of our clients and also about various kinds of clients. We share our posters and flyers as promotional stuff for clients.


On 13 of December 2016 we have attended a meeting „Multi institutional cooperation in Nitra county in the area of violence against woman“. Round table was realized by Slniecko, n. o. and the topics were focused on Regional action plan of prevention and elimination of violence against woman in Nitra county, Crisis intervention team, suggestions for improving of multidisciplinary cooperation etc. We have informed our colleagues from various organizations about our activities, target groups etc.

Description of results

Organization BUDÚCNOSŤ, n. o. with the project partner STORM provided exactly 460 interventions to 131 service users in 125 cases.  Behind these strong numbers are different life stories of our clients suffering and struggling with addictions and the violence. Thanks to implementation of the project their lives were getting a better direction by professional help and interventions provided in the centre and in their nature environments. We have produced and realised new systemic approach, new interventions (individual and group social counselling in the area of gender violence and addiction). Other aspect (as the result of the project) was the pressure towards increasing quality of provided services (to make a process more effective, to apply for accreditation in providing social services etc.).

– 1 new counselling center within the organization BUDÚCNOSŤ, n.o. called Counseling Center for People facing the violence in the context of dependencies

– organization BUDÚCNOSŤ, n.o. has created 1 self-help group for victims of violence in the context of dependencies

– 1 conference about violence was held with the title „Nonviolence for Violence“

– a short video was created to prevent violence in the context of addiction

– promotional and information materials were distributed (200pcs)  in public places

– several meetings and talks with the public on dependecies-related violence were organized

– several meetings with experts were organized

– the social workers and representatives of municipalities and towns were informed about counselling centre